Wiseup Motion Detection Power Adapter Hidden Camera

In today’s time and life, you will need to monitor your environment just to make sure that you live in an even more secured environment.
Sometimes it’s not easy to monitor your environment should you not possess the right equipment to do this. 
When you’ve got a Power Adapter Hidden Camera together with you, it’s simpler to monitor situations. 

Power Adapter Hidden Camera

References of the Power Adapter Hidden Camera :
Real-time Audio & Video Recording
Support Smartphone Tablet APP Remote View and Control
Support PC Computer View and Control
Support Motion Detective Recording
1280x720P Full HD Video Resolution
24/7 Days Operating with Outlet Power Supply
Support 32GB Micro SD Card in Max
Video Format: ASF
Video Frame Rate: 25/30fps

A favorite of everyone here at Wiseup Shop!

Our hidden camera products are the absolute best in the business. They record amazing quality video and are incredibly easy to use. No setup required: all you’ll need to do is plug it in for power, and you are ready to go! They’ll be able to see both during the day and in low light situations at nighttime. Each unit has a hidden trap door which conceals the memory card and video-out port, so only you will know how to access it.

No one will have any idea that there is a spy camera inside; it really is that simple! Think about it…. most people don’t even realize that hidden cameras are a possibility when entering a room. Our cameras are built into everyday objects, are totally hidden, and won’t look out of place.

Place this item in a room of your home and learn once and for all what is going on while you aren’t there. This unit is incredibly easy to use and only takes a few minutes to learn.

Mainly Usages of the Power Adapter Hidden Camera :

Home security

Loss prevention

Child protection

Peace of mind

Nursing abuse prevention

How the Power Adapter Hidden Camera  works:

Built inside of this product is a color pinhole camera that records motion activated video footage; the camera will only record whenever someone moves in front of it. Because of this, you won’t have spend forever fast-forwarding the video to see when a person walks into the area you are monitoring. It also means you’ll be able to record a lot more footage since it doesn’t save the boring, useless video.

Each time motion occurs, the camera makes a new video file, which will make it easy to find the particular file you are after when you need to review footage.

So, for example, if someone walks in front of the camera 8 times in one day, there will be 8 different files that were recorded. You’ll know exactly when the events happened; it’s that simple!

However, if someone keeps walking back and forth in front of the camera, it will only save as one file so you don’t have dozens of 2 second clips. The nanny camera is programmed so that the moment motion occurs, it will record for another 60 seconds regardless of if the person leaves 2 seconds after it began. If this causes confusion, please call us!

Easy to View the footage

Each of our nanny cameras store the video onto a removable memory card; the item has a hidden trap door which conceals the memory card and video-out port, so only you will know how to access it.

Simply take out the SD card (not included) and plug it into your computer to view the files that were saved. You can open the file in Windows Media Player, Quicktime, VLC, and many other media players.

Whenever the card is completely filled with video, it will start erasing early footage to make room for new footage. The first footage recorded is going to be the first video erased once the card gets full, so be sure that if you need to record for long periods of time, you have to get a big enough memory card!

A good rule of thumb for this particular unit is about 3 hours of video per GB (regular settings). So if you have an 8GB SD card, you’ll have 24 hours of footage, all of which is motion activated. Since it’s motion activated, it will last much longer than 24 hours from when you turn the camera on.

Example: With your 4GB card, you get 12 hours of video recordings (regular settings). If you film cars driving by throughout the day, it will save 1 hour, 2 hours, 3 hours of video…. all the way to 12 hours. When the card is full at 12 hours, it will start overwriting hour 1, then 2, and so forth. If this is confusing, call us so we can explain!

Where can you buy the Power Adapter Hidden Camera online?

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