Wiseup HD Spy Camera Watch

The idea of adapting the most recent trends in technology across all parts of modern life, certainly help to the changing speed of the modern and advanced products. At the very beginning, the cameras were presented in time as singular product, but soon they were added to mobile phones, and now also in watches. In 1940 the first spy camera was designed, and since the 20th century the spy camera has evolved so much that now it is in many modern products. The watch with spy camera is the representative in the domain of spy cameras.

The features of this spy watch:

1. The camera in the watch is designed to be completely secret, so that no one thing soup├žonneras tell. Even James Bond wears a similar shows in his films.

2. This watch is easy to wear, the real equipment a spy. This spy watch camera is unique, so you will find no other accurate watch.

3. appearance, the watch is very good shape, elegant, is can even be custom decorated, especially for women watches.

4. The camera is of superb quality, it transmits an image 1080P. Most of our cameras have the same quality and are perfect as a purchase for those who absolutely need a video or audio quality.

5. If AC is not suitable to record a video, the watch is able to record sound separately. It’s easy, audio is recorded with a simple movement of the wrist. Most of our watches do that.

6. All our watches are waterproof. Most spy watches on the market today are not waterproof like ours. If you need to film or record the sound in the rain, with our watches you will not have problems.

7. Our watches are capable of night vision, they have a built-in infrared light on the inside, if that means that they allow you to shoot night and day.

Who needs a watch spy?

Journalists: In many cases, journalists need to capture images and sound, in secret.

Lawyers: Often lawyers and other persons working in justice also need to film or record

The professional spies: People in this medium also need all kinds of tools possible to have the most success.

Students: To cheat in exams, booms filming, filming courses, etc.

All others: Any person or reason, a spy watch is a cool gadget, many people like to play with.

How to use it?

The use of the camera depends on the situation you want to film or record. There are many everyday situations or have may need to obtain evidence. The spy watch you give power and more confidence in such situations. If you can, consider a situation like this: you are being harassed at school, and to show proof to your manager you need proof, if not without proof it can not help you. There are plenty of such situations, where a spy watch you be able to help a lot in an unpleasant situation. In addition, the camera is not visible, all that people see is a simple watch, a watch like anyone what to watch. Nobody accuse you’ll be able to film, as the camera is completely hidden and secret.

Consider the watch as a work tool or an everyday tool technology. A tool that can accumulated the important info is keep or show to somebody important. This wearable spy camera watch will be able to work as your personal security or personal detective. To protect your interests, you may have thought this watch as a necessary purchase, a detective who will be able to save you all the necessary information when you need to keep them, and especially when you are surprised at the time. Once the information is recorded, you can very easily transferrer them on your computer hard disc or a USB cable. It’s so easy!

Quality Of Production

The recording you make with your spy watch can be varied in quality. All this depends on the quality of the watch you buy. We have a large collection of spy watch, the first thing to see is how much space so you need those means, how many minutes or hours recording you need to have. For example if you ave need to film a documentary, this lend on much more space on the hard disc of the watch, that a simple little check from time to time. For a documentary, we suggested a minimum of 16GB. Our watches also have different qualities of video, you can choose between the best quality 1080p or more lower quality 720p. The 720p video is a video very good, all depends on whether you need to convert your video to a big screen, or just a simple proof or to download. Also, it is consider whether you need a waterproof or infrared shows, this will be a very important tool for some people. You will not be at all displeased with the results of our watches, the most expensive or the cheapest, they are all made to produce a professional result, which will be the height of your desires.

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