Wiseup 8GB Mini Spy Camera Lighter DV Camcorder with Voice Recording Function

Mini spy camera hidden in dummy lighter. Its appearance is no different from the appearance of an ordinary cigarette lighter, so you do not betray your true destiny. Its operation is very simple. The camera is supported only a single button.

The device can be placed wherever where you need a discreet preview of the situation, without having to invest in expensive and complex monitoring system.

Hiding in the mini spy camera lighter provides discreet use and transparently helps in recording the interesting events. We can burn it a business meeting, an attempt to bribe, to take pictures of documents, etc. Left in the baby’s room will help us to evaluate the work of a babysitter or to check the integrity of our staff in the company.

Additional very interesting and useful feature are 2 modes enable recording:

Traditional manual – by pressing the record button
sound activated – recording turns on when the microphone captures audio with a value in excess of 65dB. The unit turns off automatically recording and go into standby mode if the sound level outside will be lower than 65dB for 2 minutes.

Dummy lighter equipped with superior camera with a diameter of only 1mm and very sensitive microphone. Thanks to it we can record videos with sound at a resolution of 1280×960 pixels. It can also take pictures at a resolution of 1280×1024.

The image is saved on a typical microSD card, and playback is performed using a computer or other devices that support microSD cards eg tablet or smartphone.

The device does not require installing any drivers. In addition, it is possible to attach the date and time to images and movies recorded device. To do this stwożyć time.txt file and put in the time and date in the following configuration: YYYY-MM-DD HH: MM: SS format and upload it to the root directory.

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