Watch the mini spy camera

Mini camera built into an elegant men’s watch. With 8GB built-in memory allows recording several hours of high quality videos with sound or doing hundreds of photos. Additionally, you can use it as a stick. In his memory, you can save any files, documents that you will always have with you.

No one will expect that stylish watch on your hand in rzeczywiskości mini camera. Hiding an mini spy cameras in the watch provides discreet use and transparently helps in recording the interesting events. We can burn it a business meeting, an attempt to bribe, to take pictures of documents, etc. Left in the baby’s room will help us to evaluate the work of a babysitter or to check the integrity of our staff in the company.

The watch comes with an excellent camera with a diameter of only 1mm and very sensitive microphone. Thanks to it we can record videos with sound at a resolution of 720×480 pixels. It can also take pictures at a resolution of 1280×1024.

Reading the recorded video is pretty simple. Simply connect the watch to a PC or any other device with a USB port using the included cable. The computer detects the new device as a portable disk. Then click the selected clip and the recording will play automatically.

The device does not require installing any drivers. In addition, it is possible to attach the date and time to images and movies recorded device. To do this, create a file time.txt and put in the time and date in the following configuration: YYYY-MM-DD HH: MM: SS format and upload it to the root directory.

Key Features as follows:

1280x720P HD Resolution
Audio Recording
Real-time AV Recording
Microphone Built-in
1.5hrs Operating Battery Life Time
8GB Memory Built-in
Support 32GB TF Card in Max
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