Video cameras: how to choose the best for you?

Wiseup 1280x720P HD Portable DV Camcorder Video Camera

Spring comes, good weather and they begin social events and family gatherings that you can not lose and you’ll want to remember for posterity. How? Well, with a good hd video camera new generation.

If you want to have an excellent picture and sound quality you can not let the delicate task of your most valuable recordings in the hands of a mobile phone. You need a dedicated camera that offers the best performance.

What you have to fix?
In the video section of your store you will find many brands, models and types of cameras for almost all uses and situations you can imagine. What is the best for you?

As it will depend on many factors, such as why you want to use, your level of expertise, the functionality that you need to have the level of detail and image quality you’re looking for, etc. Before going to buy you must keep in mind the following:

Look at the resolution of your video sensor. Almost all current cameras support resolutions Full-HD (1080p), sufficient for most users, but increasingly are beginning to popularize 4K or UHD (2160p) models.
If you want to make quality photos with your camcorder, you must also make sure it has a good fixed, with good sensitivity and with a decent optical resolution.
Are you going to use it often near water or to record sports? Then you surely agree more a model of action.
Sure whether or not and how power optical zoom. Some camera dv have lenses able to offer extensions 50x, a real treat for shots at long distances.
Check what storage system used, whether internal or can be extended, what type of card used and what support maximum data capacity.
Look at the type of video format in which recorded. You might want to edit sequences on a computer and need to be compatible with the program you normally use.
Think of the accessory world and buy everything you will need. Will you use accessories like tripods, cases, lenses, flashes, etc.?

Try that has a powerful battery, easy to remove and if possible you can recharge anywhere via an adapter. You might also be useful for a model you can buy extra batteries and never run out of energy.
Need extra functionality? Analyzes if you want a model with WiFi, Bluetooth, NFC, built projection system, which has editing capabilities, etc.

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