U.S. Spy Chief Expects More Internet Attacks

Head of the U.S. National Security Agency warned that hackers will inevitably attack U.S. infrastructure for making the power failure just like the cast happened in Ukraine last year.

In San Francisco ,admiral Michael Rogers told a conference  that the cybersecurity is a “matter of when, not whether” a foreign state launches a cyberattack on U.S. targets. 

Rogers said “A hacker penetrated the Ukrainian power grid and brought large segments of it offline in a very well-crafted attack that both on how was the provider likely to respond to the outage also focused on knocking the system down ” .

It’s not the last target we’ll see , maybe we’re the next one that’s what troubled me currently. said Rogers, and he also express worried about the potential cyberthreats from terrorist groups .

 Last week ,The U.S. government confirmed that the blackout in Ukraine that affected 225,000 customers on December 23 ,was the caused by a cyberattack. And Private researchers have suspected the incident Related a Russian hacking group–“Sandworm.”   

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