Some spyware appliances for your holidays

Want to enjoy your vacation? So here are some devices that are sure to make your life easier!

A light bulb self powered camera

Going on vacation and are afraid to leave your home and your belongings unattended? Then this bulb spy camera is the solution! Thus, it will be a more effective surveillance camera allowing you to protect yourself in case of intrusion. With its infrared LED and self-powered mode, the camera will shoot bulb of day or night and without having to fear failure! Handy if you are away for several days.

Finally, if you are afraid that the memory saturates, do not panic! With its sensor mode movements, this surveillance camera will only activate if motion is detected. So will conserve space on your SD card and avoid unnecessarily film.

A GPS watch phone:

You discover a new city and are afraid to lose you? So this watch spy GPS will be your best ally! Thus, it will allow you to display your coordinates (latitude and longitude) at the touch of a button. You will just get them on software such as Google Map or look on a map to find your way. You’ll be sure not to lose and you can go tourist walk in peace. Finally, this GPS watch runs on four frequencies and can be used everywhere: practical for frequent travelers!

An external battery Camera:

Not always easy to remember to bring all your chargers when you go on vacation. With this spy external battery you can travel light heart, however: thus, in addition to charge your devices, this battery will be a mini camera compact, easy to carry anywhere. Ideal for recording all your vacation memories!

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