Spy Clock Camera

If you hope to have a hidden video recorder at home but you don’t want to spend a fortune on a surveillance system then the best spy camera clock pot on delivers an impeccable balance of performance, build and price. It is another in a long line of wifi spy cameras that closely resemble the clock design. Here is a quick overview of my short time with the wifi security camera.

First and for most, this spy clock features 1280x720p high definition video recording. The camera lenses are very well disguised in the clock number. The lens easily blends in and does not stand out. So it appears to be just a normal clock. But there is a lot more to this device then meets the eye.

 Spy Clock Camera

When placed on continuous video record mode, this hidden camcorder records gapless video sessions. Files are 3 minutes long by default, which is about average for hidden video recorder file length. (you can set the file length between 1-60 minutes). The fact that there are no gaps between your recordings means you won’t miss a single sec of action.


There are 2 modes for this awesome spy clock . One is P2P mode. In this mode, you can connect your smartphones, tablet /pc to the camera’s Wi-Fi and watch the P2P live view immediately. The other one is IP mode. When this mode is enabled, you can use your smartphone to watch the live view remotely as long as your phone has internet access. So you can use this high-tech device to protect your house, home, business and family from crooks, thieves and other harmful people.

This spy camera comes complete in a box and it contains: the 720p spy clock, a USB cable, an A/C adapter, and an instruction manual.

All things considered, this is a perfect surveillance device for monitoring your home and business. It is true HD 720p resolution combined with superior motion detection capabilities and option of plugging in constant a/c power all wrapped up into this inconspicuous and yet fully functional  P2P camera. Get this Hidden video recorder and you will never regret it. Reference product click here clock spy camera


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