Spy cameras and security for your home

Protection home or office when we travel is very important. So the creators of gadgets and technology tend to offer spy cameras and hidden camera systems to detect any strange movement within our fields. In the market there are many different options when creating a home security system, and we tell you what are the chances that you can buy at the spy shop.

Spy Store has a large selection with over 20 categories where you’ll find spy cameras shaped clock, detectors hidden in glasses, night vision devices, pagers and other gadgets and accessories for personal defense and protection of your home camera or your workplace. Do you want to start recording audio and video about what happens in your house when you’re not? We tell you how you can do.

Hidden Camera crucifix

When we talk about security systems and spy cameras, classical objects where manufacturers often hide cameras usually appear. There are belts clothing, picture frames, pens and accessories to hang the clothes. However, spy cameras have also reached pendants and crucifixes.
If you are a believer, nobody will be surprised if you have a dangling crucifix. However, the crucifix that offers you from the spy shop is not a normal one. It is a special crucifix that has a camera to film any infidelity or to prevent the nanny or the maid takes something that does not belong when spends many hours alone and without revision, at home.

Crucifix hidden camera has an internal memory of 4 GB and its battery can run record of 45 minutes of content. For this gadget to accomplish its mission, it is very important not to attract attention. If decorating your officiate or your room you tend to have religious reasons, then the crucifix not out of tune.

What are IP cameras?

In the spy shop there is also a wide variety of IP cameras. These cameras are very useful because it emits the images being filmed directly to a network (Internet or Intranet) without interaction of a computer. IP cameras have built-in microcomputer which allows video broadcast autonomously. Hidden Camera IP handles both record and compress the video and send it to a network where it can be stored on the hard disk of a computer.
The models available in the store range from rigid to some cameras that can move horizontally or vertically. In this way a better room coverage and can record what happens in almost all corners of the room is achieved. When you start to see the spy shop about a system of spy cameras for your home or your office, remember to always take proper account of the size of the place, the possible location and the specific needs of your camera system. Our experts can give you some advice but in the end have to be sure the camera type and device you want to implement.

One of the most recommended in the catalog store spy camera models is BL-C101WiFi IP. It is a fixed IP camera that can record images and send them directly via email. It includes a motion sensor to activate alone is completely wireless and does not need any cable to locate and start shooting. You can send image in VGA, QVGA and SCIF quality or photographs in JPG. This way you can capture the movement in the room accurately and smoothly. Also captures sound. In the spy store you can get this model for 230.40 euros. A competitive price for a spy gadget that gives you security and comfort when filming what happens in an office or specific room.

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