7 gadgets that will turn you into a spy

Wiseup 8GB 1280x720P HD Mini DV Camcorder

Mini Spy Camera Wiseup

This small gadget takes photos of no less than 5MP interpolated and records video in HD (1280 x 960). It also has a motion sensor (it will start recording as soon as it detects something walking in front of it) and a viewing angle of 60º. Your files can be easily transferred to the PC or Mac and can be used up to webcam.
Wiseup 8GB 1920x1080P HD Spy Camera Pen
Wiseup Rechargeable Spy Camera Pen

If the discretion of the camera was not enough, this pen does almost the same, but it goes even more unnoticed. It takes pictures in 8MP and video in HD (1280 x 960), its slot for microSD cards allow you to grow your storage capacity up to 16 GB. It also connects to your computer and you can record inlcuso audio.
Wiseup 8GB Mini Spy Camera USB Flash Drive
RedLemon Night Vision USB Spy Camera
Hide it between your USB drives, no one will notice the difference. In addition to its camouflage, it is also capable of capturing video in low light conditions thanks to its night mode. It will allow you to store up to 16 GB through a microSD memory.
Wiseup 8GB Mini Spy Camera Lighter
Wiseup Spy Camera Lighter

It takes even more photographs without being discovered with this lighter, capable of capturing 2MP images. In addition, it records video in resolution of 720 x 480 pixels. You may not have room for gas, but it’s a good time to stop smoking.
Wiseup 8GB Mini Spy Camera Car Key
Wiseup Spy Camera Keychain

Record sound and video in HD (1280 x 1024), in addition to taking pictures with this little keychain that could well pass as the control of the alarm of your car. Take pictures of who approaches your home or use it even as a camera for your computer.
Wiseup 16GB 1920x1080P HD Mini Spy Camera Watch
Spy Watch 8Gb Full HD DVR with Redlemon Night Vision

Yes Yes Yes. Many smart watches. But how about a spy? As this is able to take pictures of very good 12MP and video at 30 fps (frames per second). Its storage is expandable up to 32 GB and can be used as a webcam. To top it off, it has motion sensor and night vision so you do not lose detail in low light.
Wiseup 8GB 1080P HD Spy Camera Sunglasses Eyewear
Wiseup Spy Camera Sunglasses

As smart lenses lower their exorbitant prices, we settle for this useful pair of UV protective glasses that records video in discrete 640 x 480 pixels, and capture audio and photos in 2 MP. Its configuration will allow you to get good shots even in low light. One of the most discreet options in the market (secret).

At Wiseup Shop, we offer high quality spy camera which record both audio and video. Perfect for covert audio or video recording.  So tempted? Visit the wiseup site to discover advantage! 

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