Spy Camera Clothes Hook

The clothes hook, the good helper of the house, you can use to hang your jacket, your hat or your pants and also can help you to see your children anywhere or at any time when you are outside. It is convenient for people to need to work until very late. And in our store has this clothes hook, the clothes hook with a hidden mini spy cameras. Now the standard of living goes up, but people are busier than before. To work or negotiate, maybe you’re almost out all day, even the night. The house is almost empty all day. At this time the thief is very likely to enter your house. You can use this hook clothes moderera, she can solve this problem. And you do not need a cheap spy camera but high quality camera.

  You could hang it on the wall like a normal clothes hook, the spy cameras are very tiny, no one will notice them. If you hang it on the wall near the door, this clothes hanger spy camera has high definition 1920x1080P, it is A HD spy camera so it will be better to see the face of thief and what he will want to make clearer. Why this wireless spy camera WIFI has the function of viewing and controlling remote. The remote control spy camera is made to view and control by APP of your mobile phone. (Android and iPhone support) It has the function of motion detection recording.It is also a motion detection camera.If you have a child at home But you are not next, you can also take care of their security when the thief enters your home. You can call your neighbor on your cell phone to help protect your children. It is a security spy camera. Or you can see your children are fighting if you have two children, surely this situation will appear.

  Support recording and charging at the same time plus has the high definition function.Do not worry about the battery run time of this mini spy camera. You can connect the power supply with plug directly. That is why The spy camera battery long life can be operated continuously if you do not power cut. Many people also cater to high quality spy camera if it has bulb recording function, of course yes. It is a spy camera continuous recording. The spy camera bulb recording will be removed the first video automatically when the Micro SD memory card will be filled.

 This clothes hook is very good, is not it? A homemade spy camera. Visit wiseupshop to know more the detail.

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