Security expert filmed two women by spy camera in Shower

A security expert has admitted to film young women with installed the covertly spy gadget in shower, in court.

Simon Herrington, 55, has fitted a pinhole spy camera in the two women’s home for satisfied his personal sexual.

Simon Herrington ,a married manager who works for Advance Fire Security,was caught after one of women find the micro cameras in her shower head.

After traced the camera to his home the police found footage of the unsuspecting women on his computer.

Judge Fitton said  “You were acting in secret, using the specialist knowledge to install spy equipment for the purpose of your own sexual pleasure. “I have no doubt you are deeply ashamed but you have brought public disgrace on yourself.”

Judge Fitton also added the only reason he wasn’t going straight to prison was because he and his wife were afraid they would lose their house if he couldn’t work.

Herrington was given an eight-month sentence suspended for two years in court.
And his name was put on the sex offenders’ register for five years also he was ordered to pay £635 to the victim women.

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