Wiseup Spy Camera Car Key with Voice Recording and Photo Shooting Function

Remote control with camera and invisible light USB input for video recordings in the new version with full HD quality.

Has the appearance of a trivial and harmless remote control car entirely feasible in the form, (the USB input is internal and not visible), such as weight and quality aesthetic level, but in reality inside it hides a Micro camera and a Micro Digital Video Recorder , able to make audio and video recordings of extraordinary quality – resolution 1280 × 720 pixels.
With the Micro SD memory of 8 GB, (supplied), you can record 150 minutes of video. The Remote Spy can take 4,000 photographs, only by pressing a small button. The photos have a resolution of 2592 x 1944.
The use of this micro spy cameras remote control is very simple but very efficient. You can place your remote indicator easily visible, it does not raise any suspicion becoming an excellent device to monitor such income housing or offices, passenger cars and for the acquisition of evidence. Via a small switch located inside the remote control will light we can activate the vibration confirmation selection (start recording and photo shooting).
The files recorded by the spy remote control can be marked by date and time and moved by the common USB port to any PC or Mac computer without installing any drivers.
The entrance USB Mini Remote Control Spy, which can act as a secret memory stick, is completely invisible from the outside.

The battery of the remote control light with micro camera and integrated VCR recharges directly from your computer using the USB cable provided.

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