Be reassured, we have the solution so that you no longer live this situation!

Indeed, today offers you a LED bulb connected. Using your smartphone, you can remotely control the lighting of the room and therefore turn off the light without having to move from your sofa! Bulb WIFI LED music

This connected bulb is to be connected to your phone in WIFI, in order to be remotely controlled. To manage it, you will need to have its dedicated mobile app available on both the App Store and Google Play.

Once installed and connected, you can control the lighting of your room directly from your smartphone!
In addition to deciding your lighting, this WIFI bulb will allow you to listen to the music stored on your phone. With its built-in speakers, you can enjoy your favorite music in any room you want without the need for an enclosure.
If you want to have several light bulbs in your interior, you will be able to control them from the same phone. However, the WIFI technology, used here, will not allow you to drive several bulbs simultaneously. To drive a particular bulb, you will need to connect to it and disconnect to drive a second.
More unobtrusive and practical than a simple surveillance camera, the night vision DVR bulb consists of an effective hidden spy camera security system. Equipped with a DVR camera with a 30-minute recording system, this bulb is screwed like a standard bulb on the bracket of your choice and accepts conventional powers ranging from 110 to 250V, to blend perfectly into the The environment to be monitored even though the bulb does not illuminate.

The shots are stored on a microSD card and the surveillance camera is triggered using a sophisticated motion detection system that detects the slightest movement over a distance of 10 to 15 meters. But the true interest of this surveillance camera is undoubtedly its ability to operate at night or in dark environments. Indeed, the bulb DVR is equipped with a light invisible to the human eye and which allows recordings of a clarity equivalent to that of a classic light without possibility of spotting and in discretion.

Thanks to its 7 main functions, this security camera responds to different applications and is easy to use. The settings are made from the microSD card for easy operation and quick setup.

In short, the night vision DVR bulb is an essential equipment to fight against burglary and theft

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