A popular and special hidden camera – a power bank

Do you have a power bank? And you want to add another function in your power bank? I have a most popular energy bank, because it is a power bank spy camera, not only is there normal bank function but also there is the function of a hidden camera. The normal spy cameras are spy pen camera, spy camera goggles, spy camera light bulb, etc. That’s why, the power bank spy camera is more popular than others really, yes? And when you take it outside, you need not worry your phone is low-power, and you can browse content without worry.
Wifi Network Spy Camera Power Bank

To the next one, we are going to understand this hidden camera concretely through several aspect. First, the look. The overall appearance is silver in color, thin and light. There is a really stylish look, it is appropriate for many people. And his spy camera lens is very small, people can not find it normally.

Second, video and audio recording. It is also a video recorder. It supports real-time video recording, and real-time audio recording, that is, the spy camera there is the function of video recording and audio in real time. At the same time, this spy camera there is a motion detection function, ie it is a spy camera detects motion. When the motion detection mode is opened, only the power bank spy camera detects a motion, it begins to record video or audio. This function can be said to save the energy consumption of the hidden camera. And the video definition is 1920 x 1080P FULL HD at max, of course you can choose 1280 x 720P.

 In addition, this best hidden cameras has a very important function — it supports the LAN or WAN connection, it is a wifi spy camera and the remote view and remote control through APP of the phone or tablet. That is, you can view the surveillance situation and recording videos by your smartphone or tablet. And wherever you go or wherever you are, you can watch the videos if your mobile phone is on the network. That is, it is a surveillance camera or camera security if you put it in your house, and you are not at home. Is that this feature, it supports the charging and recording at the same time, do not worry that the hidden camera there is no power.

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