Newest spy mirror for spy activity

Today,our topic is – spy mirror . Look at this smooth and small mirror,it’s nothing different from the normal mirror.
As because of the general appearance, it become the best invisible spy camera for home security.

There is a pinhole lens built-in the mirror spy camera, and it support the multi-function of video recording,motion detective and taking photos.
Below is the product reference:
1) Video Resolution: 740×480 
3) Charging Time:2 hours  Operating Battery Life: 50min
5) Minimum Illumination:1 Lux 
6) Support 32GB TF Card in max ,Memory card is included. 
With the high capacity of 32GB micro card , you can record real-time or many times ,and anytime you want to review the video ,just take out the card and play on PC or Iphone.

Sum up : The hidden camera mirror is small,powerful and easy to take , it’s suitable for business meeting or any high-traffic locations for monitoring.
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