Motion Detection AC Adapter Spy Camera

The Voice Activated AC Adapter looks (and functions) like a regular flash drive, with one exception 
– it has a miniature built in microphone that automatically starts recording whenever audio is detected.

 ac adapter hidden camera

Key Features of the AC Adapter Spy Camera
Real-time Audio & Video Recording
Support Smartphone Tablet APP Remote View and Control
Support PC Computer View and Control
Support Motion Detective Recording
1280x720P Full HD Video Resolution
24/7 Days Operating with Outlet Power Supply
Support 32GB Micro SD Card in Max
Video Format: ASF
Video Frame Rate: 25/30fps

Easy to view your house in anywhere.

The WiFi AC Adapter Hidden Spy Camera is WiFi-enabled, allowing you to view live video anytime and anywhere. Always keep a close eye out on your home, office, or property, even when you are not physically there. The WiFi AC Adapter Hidden Spy Camera features High Resolution 720p HD video and remote viewing capability via smartphone, allowing you to easily check in at any time.

Simply to Operate

The included Smartphone app makes it easy to view live video and recorded footage. The cloud functionality means you can be quickly up and running for remote viewing, without the need for complicated router configurations. View live video stream anytime and anywhere.

Motion Detection

This WiFi AC Adapter Hidden Spy Camera features advanced motion detection technology, meaning you don’t have to watch hours of unnecessary video footage. The WiFi AC Adapter Hidden Spy Camera looks exactly like any normal everyday electrical plug so no one will ever suspect that it contains a mini spy camera that is secretly recording them, every time they walk past the object. Protect your home and find out what’s going on when you aren’t around. The WiFi AC Adapter Hidden Spy camera also allows you to set up customizable alarm settings, tailoring it for your needs.

No Internet? No Problem!

The Mini WiFi Spy Camera comes equipped with a MicroSD Card slot for recording without internet access. The video footage will be recorded onto a MicroSD Card (not included) and you will be able to view the footage by simply removing the MicroSD Card and plugging the memory card into your computer (USB SD to not included). Use the time and date stamp functionality to know exactly when your video footage was recorded.

Outlet Power

With the WiFi AC Adapter Hidden Spy Camera always being plugged in, you will never have to worry about battery life again. Rest assured that you will be getting the covert video footage you are needing.


Mainly Usages of the AC Adapter Spy Camera :

Personal protection

Evidence of workplace harassment

Home protection

Secret shopping

Law enforcement

Pet abuse protection

Undercover investigations

How to Purchase the WiFi AC Adapter Spy Camera online?

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