Mini Spy Camera Motion Sensor, Is A Good Helper To Protect Your Home

This camera is a hook type camera. It has a hidden camera in the body of the hook, nobody notices it when it is recording. You can install this hook with mini camera in the living room or the house room, it is hidden cameras for home and Is a good selection to protect the home. The card slot, USB port and on / off button is hidden behind this hook, it is very hidden. Yes, it is functional and convenient this product, you can use it hang your jackets and you can also record something, it has the function of Video recording with sound. And it is very convenient and easy to install, have two screws to install in the package.But how to record videos this hook with camera?

First, we need to turn the camera on by holding down the power button for 3 seconds and the camera will enter standby mode automatically. Then, press the power button once, the camera will start video recording. The green light indicator blinks once and then turns off. If you want to get the video recorded, you only need to press the power button once more and the camera will enter standby mode. The indicator light will be green. The operation of this hanger camera spies very easy, no? It also has motion detection recording function, meaning it can prolong the use time, just record videos when someone moves in front of this camera, is not, will not record. The camera will record a video clip for 5 minutes automatically if motion is detected, mini-camera spy sensor movement. But make sure that the power on / off of the camera has been moved to the “on” position and the spy rack is fully charged before use and the Micro SD card fits properly into the camera’s SD card slot. The spy camera will not work without a Micro SD card. By the way, the battery life of the security camera is about 1 hour of continuous video recording, so you can feed coatings with video camera when not are used.

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