Mini hidden camera

Today i’m excited to introduce our new style of internet-streaming hidden camera, the 1080P HD wifi mini spy camera.

Mini Spy Camera

This smile face Badge is a perfect  small spy camera, because face Badge re so common in our daily life. So you can place it in your living room, kitchen, office, business, retail store, even warehouse or garage for monitoring.

And you can also remote control it by mobile or PC tablet.Only need 4 simply  process :

1.Download and install the app
2.Scan the QR code on the camera
3.Select your WiFi network
4.View your live video

After your camera is set up and running, you can view your video easily, in different places.
Summary:if you’re looking for a mini hidden camera  to help you monitor your home or office quickly this kind of wifi mini hidden camera is really a good choice .

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