A magical energy bank, unlike most power bank. People almost can not stop mobile phones and we always play mobile phones the whole time the phone battery dies quickly. Sometimes we have to charge our mobile phone several times a day. That’s why we keep our power bank around when we’re out. There are plenty of spy cameras on our website Each of them can work in two ways. They can charge things like your smartphone and ipad, at the same time they can serve as a DV camera or even a hidden camera. You can do two jobs at the same time.

Motion Detective Spy Camera Power Bank

Unlike most hidden power bank cameras, this hidden camera has two video resolution to choose from, 1920 × 1080P, 1280 × 720P HD. The effect of video recording is very good and you can use this spy camera to take photos, record video and record audio, and .Levalo with you when you are out doing activities, is that this mini spy camera can not only charge your mobile phone Or PC tablet, but you can also use it as DV, You can use this power bank for video camera as DV, filming all the important moments of your life. Since this dvr camera in power bank is multifunctional, you can apply it many times.

  In addition this spy camera has the included 8gd memory and can record video for 10 hours continuously when fully charged. It’s very good, is not it? And another wonderful feature that has motion detection recording function. And it has the flashlight function, it will be very convenient when you are out at night. As I said before, this power bank can be widely used in your life.You can place it in your home or office, this spy camera acts as a digital pet, as our pets help us monitor our belongings, therefore similarly cameras Spy will be kept vigilant at home in our absence. Now we have a discount activities, please visit our Facebook page and find the promotion code for an additional 10% discount. Wow if you add us on Facebook, you will get an additional discount of 20% off your order.

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