Some items to ensure the safety of your home!

Want to power off you home knowing your home and your property well protected? Then discover some spyware items to help you out in all serenity!

A hook camera:

This hook HD camera is the perfect tool to be able to keep track of any intruder who dares to venture into your home or office. Particularly discreet it contains a mini spycamera that even a trained eye can not detect: so you can be sure that nobody will pay attention to what seems to be a more innocuous hook!

A recorder door peephole:

In addition to allowing you to instantly see who knocks on your door peephole this LCD is especially handy when you are away from home. Thus, thanks to its motion sensor it can locate anyone passing you and keep track of visitors since the camera will automatically activate for a period of fifteen seconds. It’ll then just see who showed up at your door quietly once you get home.

A wireless security camera:

If wait to go home to see your records is not enough, do not worry: With this USB wireless camera you can instantly see what is seen by the camera at any time, even remotely! Thus, simply plug in the USB port to a computer to observe what is seen by the camera directly on this: what allow you to react immediately and efficiently if the slightest suspicious movement is detected. For even more efficiency this security camera is also equipped with a night vision Mode: you will be sure not to miss anything, even when it’s dark!

So what are you waiting for to discover them on wiseup site?

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