Most interesting –Smiley mini camera

“Never stop smiling, not even when you’re sad, because you never know you can fall in love with your smile.” These are words of Gabriel García Márquez. It is true, every day we have to smile, not only because love, but also for our own, because the smile is the source of happiness, and the smile can take us good fortune.Have vsito a smile emblem? But it is not the whole emblem is just a normal emblem, maybe some is the mini camera, ie, spy camera. Are you surprised? What a barbarian!

These mini spy cameras emblems have the same look as the normal smile emblems. People can not distinguish them, their appearance is a perfect disguise. It really is a most interesting thing in the world of spy camera 2016, it is like 720×480 spy camera keychain records video audio photography, it is also a mini spy toy interesting toy, at the same time, it is very convenient to carry, then it is a hidden camera To carry on, need not other things to support and place.

Real video mini camera. As for its record function, it supports AV recording with the spy camera in real time, and you can adjust the time of the video as you want, but, the best is the current time, it is very important to remember the good times Or important. There is also the function of car dvr, that is why it is a car spy camera ie, hidden camera monitoring cohe. Of course, the function of taking photos, spy camera high resolution photos. What’s more, there is an auto-off function, this feature can reduce power consumption when you do not need to record the videos or take the photos, of course the use of electricity is decreased. And the function of audio recording is easy to remember the interview or meeting.
Spy camera use. The range of spy camera use is wide. You can be camcorder car in the cohe, you can be mini camcorder meeting, you can even be baby camcorder to remember your baby’s acts or you can take it outside to record the videos of the road or people, such as a camcorder professional.

And you want it? What a barbarian mini camera, a mini dv camcorder! you can get it for yourself or to be a gift to your friends.

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