How to install a security camera system at home

The idea of drilling into the wall of your home and make holes for video cables and power for the purpose of installing a security camera system may sound somewhat daunting. However, many security systems come in all-inclusive packages that make installing a surveillance system is the easiest. Read on to see tips on how to buy and install your own security camera system for your home.
1 Draw a diagram Based on the places that need monitoring. Monitor every square centimeter of your home is also expensive, impractical. Therefore you should prioritize the areas that most interests you watch. Draw a simple diagram of your house or flat print and mark where you would like to place the cameras. When finished, observes each of the locations to make sure it is not blocked by any objects and provide the best possible view. It would be good to install cameras:
front and rear doors
Windows facing the street
large common areas

2 Buy the right package for your needs. You can buy each component individually, but it is usually cheaper and easier to buy a kit security system. Your system must have at least one to three cameras, a DVR (digital video recorder), proper wiring (Siamese and BNC cables) and power cables. Unless elijar monitor a large area, wifi spy cam mounts on the wall should meet your needs
Basic home security: get a package with 2 or 3 external cameras (to monitor the doors) and a DVR with at least three days of recording time.
Children surveillance system or valuables: get from one to three indoor wireless cameras to effectively cover a small room and transmit video directly to your computer.

3 you can also buy the cameras individually. Once you know how many cameras you need, you must specify what kind of camera you need specifically. A surveillance system can cost any price from a few hundred dollars to over a thousand dollars, so make sure you determine what type of camera you need before buying (the characteristics described below should be clearly specified in the box). Although you can buy all the parts of a camera separately, it is generally cheaper and easier to install a “surveillance kit” complete.
Wired or wireless: wifi spy cam are easy to install and do not need to drill the wall and run cables through the house. However, as they move away from the receiver, the quality may be below average. If you’re going to cover a large area, choose the wired cameras, although most people consider the installation of wireless cameras is easier.
For interior or exterior cameras that are not made to install them outdoors will break easily when exposed to rain and moisture, so make sure you choose the appropriate.
Motion Sensor: Some cameras only record when they detect movement, which saves space and energy as only footage is captured when there is someone in the room.
Remote Viewing: many high-end cameras offer the ability to transmit recorded to your phone or laptop anywhere in the material world, making it possible to see your home through a program or application provided.
4 Buy a recording device and a monitor. To store and view the recorded material, you need a digital video recorder (DVR). This device receives all video inputs and transmits them to a monitor (which could be the screen of a computer or a small TV). DVRs have different memory capacities that allow them to store a certain amount of video from hundreds of hours to a day of material.
If you buy a complete surveillance kit, usually the DVR comes bundled with the camera.
They are also available in the market video recorders network (NVR) and analog recorders (VCR). They work the same way as a DVR to record using an Internet signal (NVR) or blank tapes (VCR) instead of using a digital hard drive. The following installation tips also apply to these devices.

5 Test your equipment before installation. Make sure all cables, cameras and monitors to work connecting each of them before starting the installation.

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