Hidden Camera Keychain with Audio Function

Do you like shows where the host captures footage of people without their realization? 
Would you like to take a record of daily events without people acting another way because there is a camera active? 
Then you may enjoy using a Hidden Camera Keychain!

 Hidden Camera Keychain

References of the Hidden Camera Keychain:

Real-time Audio & Video Recording
Support Snapshot Function
Video Resolution: 1280×960
Video Format:AVI
Video Frame Rate: 25/30fps
Picture Format: JPG
Support 32GB TF Card in Max
Battery Capacity: 300 mAh
OperatingBatteryLife Time: 60 min
Charge Power Voltage: DC 5V
Charging Time: about 3 hours

Easy to take the Hidden Camera Keychain in anywhere.

Have you ever been in a collision accident and needed visual evidence of the damage for the insurance claim? Our keychain DVR looks just like a standard keychain remote for your car, but this harmless-looking keychain features a built-in recorder that captures high-resolution 1280×720 video and ultra-clear audio. Most people will never suspect a mini spy camera, and that gives you the upper hand.

Whether you’re gathering evidence, taping an interview, or simply capturing life’s unexpected moments on the go, the power of covert surveillance now fits on your keychain and at your fingertips.

Mainly usages of the Hidden Camera Keychain:

Meetings, college lectures, or interviews

Investigations and evidence-gathering

Secret shoppers

Recording everyday memories


Keychain Micro Video Recorder

USB cable


Instruction manual

How the Hidden Camera Keychain Works

This powerful surveillance tool is amazingly easy to use. Press the bottom button and hold it for two seconds to turn the camera on. To record video, press the top button and hold it for two seconds. Press the button again to stop recording.To take a picture, press the top button once.

View Footage on Your Computer

Viewing your video and photos is easy. Use the USB cable to plug the camera into your computer. Your computer will recognize the camera as a removable disk drive, and you will be able to view your video and photos using your computer’s media player (videos will work with Windows Media Player, iTunes, Quicktime, or VLC). The camera’s battery recharges while you view your footage; it really is that easy.

To review your videos, just attach the included USB cable to the Keychain Micro and plug it into a computer. Download the video to your computer and double click on it. The Keychain stores video in AVI file which is playable from most popular media players like Windows Media Player or VLC.

How can you buy it online?

Visit our online store: wiseupshop.com. Wiseupshop offers a complete range of security camera,spy cameras,surveillance equipment and digital video recorder to protect your home or your bussiness.

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