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Wiseup 8GB Motion Detective Spy Camera Clock

This camera clock will be the ideal tool to know permanently what is happening in your home … even when you are away! So this device allows you to view what is filmed by your camera directly on your smartphone and this all over the world since you only need a simple internet connection!

No more panic if you go on holiday or you simply have to leave for a race so you just have to open the dedicated application on your phone to make sure that no intruders have entered your home during your absence. An ideal way to react quickly to any problem, no matter where you are, and to ensure that your assets are protected at all times.

In addition to constituting a most effective security camera this Digital Camera Clock will allow you to ensure the safety of those you love when you are not there. Thus, it will be ideal to monitor an elderly or disabled person and to intervene quickly in the event of a problem. You will also be able to keep an eye on your children when you have to be absent for a few hours: more panic if you have to go out for an urgent race so!
Nowadays spy cameras are more and more versatile: it is therefore necessary to identify the functions you need. So, would you rather shoot or take pictures? Or maybe you prefer to save battery and memory by recording only sound, thanks to the dictaphone function? Also consider the environment in which you will be filming: if you are often outdoors maybe it would be useful to opt for a waterproof camera, in order to be able to film in the rain, or for a night vision camera if You want to record when it is dark.

This mini spy clock looks classic, works like a normal clock. However, hidden above the number 12, is a nearly undetectable miniature camera lens! So, under its misleading appearance, and equipped with a built-in microphone, this discreet camera will allow you to discreetly record color videos with its 640 * 480 pixels or capture 1280 * 960 pixels photos with ease. To make things more interesting, this spy camera clock is even equipped with recording function with motion detection. A simple click to put it in place, and you can leave home with all serenity. Recordings will be triggered when objects are moving in front of the lens, saving you memory and unnecessary movies. Transferring your photo and video recordings, such as charging the battery, is done via USB port on your computer. Recordings are made on micro SD card.

Finally, this device will be ideal to share moments of your daily life with those you love. For example, you can enjoy a birthday party or a family dinner at a family member who has not been able to travel for the event or remotely watch your children’s games. And for even more efficiency this camera clock will provide you with superb 1080P High Definition images so you are sure not to miss any detail!

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