Choose your spy camera

Not always easy to choose a spy device with all the offers available to you! So Discover all our advice to choose the camera perfectly suited to your needs!

What type of camera do you need?

Spy cameras can take many forms, from classic to the most unusual! Accessories daily (pens, watches, sunglasses, clothing), electronic items (clocks, alarm clocks, chargers, batteries, picture frames) or even mini spy cameras opportunities abound. You decide whether you want your camera to blend into the decor or can be carried with you anywhere.

occasional or continuous recording?

Another extremely important selection criterion is the life of the battery. So, do you prefer a camera that can shoot continuously and therefore will operate self-powered manner (which will be ideal for a security camera, for example) or a camera that you can easily take with you to film your tours?

If you choose a camera with battery you ask also about the life of this: will you need to shoot sporadically or more hours continuously? Finally consider the size of memory you need more you will need to store large files over the size of your micro SD card will be high.

What features do you need?

Nowadays spy cameras are more versatile: it is therefore necessary to identify the functions you need. So you want more film or take pictures? Or maybe you prefer to save battery and memory by recording only sound, thanks to the voice recorder? Think also about the environment in which you shoot if you are often outside perhaps it would be useful to opt for a waterproof camera, to shoot in the rain, or a night vision camera if you want to save a dark night.

So you’ve decided? Come and select your camera on the wiseup site!

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