Why buy a spy pen?

Much more than a gadget, the spy pen can prove to be an indispensable accessory that can serve you on many occasions. Discover all our tips for use.
Spy Camera Pen
To record the moments of your daily life:

Who has never wanted to be able to keep track of past moments with those you love? With our portable spy cameras pen you can easily keep track of all your family and friends moments without ever having to worry about: just press a button to start recording and you’re done! What you constitute a real photo album or digital video to see and to review.

Tip: An unexpected, like the first steps of your child, that you would like to record? No need to run the camera hidden in pen, you just take your pen out of your pocket to instantly shoot!

To make your life easier:

Office meetings can quickly become tedious and stressful: this camera pen will be ideal to facilitate your note taking by allowing you to record the event and to see it quietly at home by this mini camera in pen, as many times That you desire. This function of the pen recording videos will also be particularly useful during a doctor’s appointment, a conference, signing a major contract or managing any other legal dispute. This will allow you to obtain formal proofs which can then serve you during your personal or legal proceedings.

Wiseup 8GB Spy Camera Pen

To help you with your studies:

Your professor is talking too fast? Do you have trouble taking notes in progress? No problem, thanks to this pen with camera which is also a dictaphone pen will allow you to keep an audio track of your courses in order to take them quietly home. This will ensure optimal working conditions and ensure your academic success. In addition, this surveillance camera pen will be the ideal tool to record an idea on the fly if you do not have anything to note: just record yourself to keep track of your thoughts.

More infomation of this spy camera pen Visit our spy camera website.

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