Where to buy the 10 best spy cameras

Throughout this article we are going to make a brief ranking of the most quoted spy cameras today, not only for its benefits, but also because of its versatility, since you never know when you will need them and the best you can Offering a spy camera is the ability to adapt to all kinds of contexts. Do not miss out!
1080P HD Pinhole Spy Button Camera
Mini spy camera button: undoubtedly the winner of the spy camera ranking, due to the ability to record everything that happens in front of us without raising suspicions. It is hidden in the button on our shirt or jacket, and has a motion stabilizer to record images in high definition while we walk or run.
Spy glasses: the second place goes for the new spy glasses. Simulating normal and regular sunglasses, these spy glasses are capable of making recordings of everything that is located in front of us while we go unnoticed.
Spy pen: the spy pen has won the last place of the podium, thanks to that placed inside the pocket of our shirt or suit jacket is also able to offer great versatility, recording all kinds of situations in video and high definition audio .
Spy watch: the spy clock has been on the doors of the podium, because in winter with long sleeves may not offer such versatility, although reaching the fourth place in this ranking is not turkey mucus, and this is a sign of Its great benefits.
USB spy: USB spy is also another feasible alternative, although we must place it previously in a place from which we are going to record what we need, and its angle of vision is limited by that placement. Therefore, despite its small size and the concealment of the mini camera in an everyday object, it is relegated to a fifth position.

Spy key chain: the spy key chain does not offer as much versatility as the previous models, since as a general rule we should point to where we want to record with it, and if we go around waving a car key we can raise suspicions. We recommend leaving it on a level surface while recording.

Spy alarm clock: the spy alarm clock is ideal for few situations. Of course, to be placed in a bedroom is the most recommended option among all the mini cameras in the ranking, due to the camouflage that offers its appearance of normal and current alarm.

Spy Charger: In the same way as the spy alarm clock or USB spy, it must be placed in advance in the place that we want to record. Depending on whether the model purchased is a portable or static charger, its versatility varies. In portable models it can be transported without raising too many suspicions, which is not the case with static models.
Spy light bulb: As for the spy light bulb, it can be placed in any lamp that is not covered with a screen or a glass, since if it does not lose much definition. Although the lamp can be placed anywhere, this previous disadvantage along with the suspicion that can wake up not to light a lamp when it needs a light in the room moves it to the ninth position.

Spy Smoke Detector: The Spy Smoke Detector is perfect to be placed in shops and homes if you want to record at all times the interior of a particular room, such as the baby’s or your bedroom if you suspect that your wife is being unfaithful . Its use is limited to those situations, and that is why it has finished in the last place of the ranking of mini cameras.
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