Button spy camera with video recording for spy activity

Spy camera button  is our today’s highlight spy gadget.It looks like a normal shirt button, but actually it’s a high-definition spy camera, with a pinhole camera, you can capture the clear image without arousing suspicion.

With the high definition of 1920×1080, the hd button spy cameras is a perfect spy tool to keep record when you have
talked with others face to face, or any other spy activity.
Below is highlight function
1.Video recording
2.Motion detective
3.Take audio
The device also easy to use just press and hold the button for 2 seconds and you can choose  the different models without discovered.
And if you want to review the recorder just take off the micro card , contact with PC ,Iphone or any video player.

Related reference:
Camera Lens Size: 8x8mm 
Rechargebale Battery Built-in 
Charging Time: 15 hours 

Sum up:this small spy camera recorder is simple, practical and easy to carry or installation.
It’s suitable for a variety of carrier materials, and widely used in home security, education, essential areas of life.
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