Beware of burglaries during the holiday season!

darker and longer nights, absence of the owners of the premises, quiet neighborhood … the conditions are right for burglars during the year-end holidays.

How to prevent the risk of intrusion during the winter holidays?

Christmas holidays: a time for burglaries

In winter, the lights are switched on soon enough and burglars take the opportunity to observe your actions and determine which rooms are unoccupied.

Always watching you, they will know soon enough that you are away on holiday, and they will not hesitate to take action, as your neighbors are also absent. And if you are out and about for the New Year’s Eve, be extra careful because you might bring thieves at home.

To prevent dishonest people pick through the pieces of adjacent, close to double turn. Other well-known practice, home-jacking is to get into a house to steal them the car keys and walk away with the vehicle, and, without any break.

Safety devices to prevent burglary

Without falling into paranoia, there are devices that can secure your home in your absence. Starting with alarm systems that will alert you as soon as the sensors have detected suspicious movements in the house you can buy a cheap alarm here.

Connected to the central alarm, motion detectors, door opening and broken glass will transmit the information to the central will activate the siren while sending phone alerts to owners and monitoring agencies.

It is also possible to add any video surveillance in all areas at risk from the house to monitor the premises during your absence. Indeed, surveillance cameras are connected today to allow their owners to take a look at the recorded images, and regardless of where they are.

To do this, simply connect to your surveillance cameras via a laptop or a smartphone connected to the Internet. So if you receive intrusion alerts, you can connect your cameras to check if all is well, and to contact police if indeed burglary.

For a more secure home during the holiday season to, install a home automation system. This is an intelligent management system that will help you up scenarios to turn lights on and off at specified times, run the sprinkler system, control alarms and surveillance cameras, close and open the shutter.

And during your absence, you can simulate a human presence in the home to deter burglars who like to act safely and discreetly.

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