A Mouse that you film!

Who would have thought that an object as innocuous as a computer mouse could hide a mini camera at once practical and ultra-performing? This is the case with this HD camera mouse which, despite its small size, will allow you to record videos of the highest quality. A surprising performance for a spy camera as compact but which will make it a particularly useful tool for filming under all circumstances while being sure to obtain an optimal result.

No need to invest in expensive and complicated equipment: you will now be able to record with a simple mouse, which even a beginner can use! Filming becomes a real child’s play that you can perform at any time of the day, alone or with your loved ones.

Sober and elegant, this computer mouse with camera will find its perfect place in an office, whether at home or at home. It will therefore be an ideal ally to record an office meeting, an important discussion with your colleagues, a pleasant moment with friends or family, or even immortalize an idea on the go if you do not have something to note. This mouse camera will be sure to make your life easier and can be used in many ways, whether in a private or professional context.
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This spy mouse can also operate in self-powered mode, a function that will not only facilitate your recordings: so, it will be enough to connect it on your computer so that you can film as long as you want, without having to stop To recharge the battery. Practice, right?

Particularly lightweight and compact, this hidden video recorder can finally be carried anywhere with you, in a backpack, a pocket or even by hand. It will therefore be ideal to keep track of your business trips, or even your vacation, for example.

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