A bird was suspected as spy with portabel the hidden camera

The police of Pathankot in Punjab arrested a pigeon which flew into a village near the board of Pakistan.And suspected the pigeon is used for spying.

A villager have found the pigeon and discovered there is a stamp under it’s feathers that bore Urdu scrpt and name of Pakistani district. He called the police.

The police sent the bird to a pigeon and had X-ray scaned it to see whether there is a spy camera or transmitter, hidden chip built-in.
But they don’t find any evidence to prove it’s a spy bird ,still now. Also they can’t understand what was written in the bird , so they can’t absolutely sure anything.

Mr Kaushal said police had alerted intelligence services over the discovery of the pigeon.

And there is already many times that birds have become embroiled in the cross-border tension.
In 2013, Indian security forces found a dead falcon fitted with a small hidden camera, and in 2010 another pigeon was detained over espionage fears,etc.

More investigation is under way, said the police.

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