720P HD Wifi AC Adapter Spy Camera Support Smartphone Tablet APP Remote View

Today ,i’ll introduce our newest internet-streaming spy cameras, the 720P HD Wifi Spy Camera AC Adapter.

This regular looking AC Adapter is a perfect hidden camera, because adapters are so common in our life. Place it in your living room, office , business, retail store, even a warehouse . Nobody will ever suspect that there is a powerful HD camera inside.

The Wifi AC Adapt Hidden Camera has the featured function of Supporting Smartphone Table App Remote View and control. So you can easy to view your office or any other places when you’re out .

It’s a multi-function AC Adapter with the follow functions of 
Real-time Audio & Video Recording
1280x720P Full HD Video Resolution
Support Smartphone Tablet APP Remote View and Control
Support PC Computer View and Control
Support Motion Detective Recording
Support 32GB Micro SD Card in Max
24/7 Days Operating with Outlet Power Supply
WIFI Network Function

With the Motion Detective function, you can record something happens when you are not around, and restore it in a Micro SD Card for review. So it’s a perfect home security camera or used as a nanny cam to watch your little baby while you are at work.If you are looking for a quickly and easily tool for home or office security , check out 720P HD Wifi AC Adapter Spy Camera.

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