5 infallible spy cameras detect anyone

No need to be James Bond spy to give them as modern technology gives us worthy gadgets and spy movies available to everyone.

Need pictures or record without anyone noticing? Today we are going to recommend five spy cameras that are almost impossible to detect.
Spy Camera Phone Charger
iPhone dock hidden camera
Leave your smartphone charging in a room is nothing suspicious, but the charging station iCharge Docking Station Hidden Camera for Home, is very different from the usual.

This innocent-looking dock incorporates a small camera on the front, almost invisible and activated with movement, color recording what is happening in the room. It also does not require much light to achieve good images.

This hidden camera has 4 gigabytes of internal storage expandable with SD card, the cost is $ 65.

Spy Camera Baseball Cap Hat

Hidden Camera Hat
Need to record your interaction with someone discreetly? This cap completely innocent appearance will be your ally, since its surface incorporates a mini imperceptible camera.

With a resolution of 2 megapixels, microphone and ability to capture what happens at an angle of 65 °, the New York Baseball Cap Hat Camera Body Worn Spy DVR, you can record and take pictures.

In addition, it can be controlled remotely, so you can leave the cap in a room and nobody will notice that he is a spy camera. This, sold for $ 72.
Spy camera in alarm clock
It is common in different rooms have digital clocks and which we have for you today plays the role of spy camera, without arousing any suspicion.
Wifi Network Spy Camera
The HD Color Clock Camera Motion Detection Hidden Camera does not look much different than a digital watch any, is quite nice and modern, but includes a camera which is activated by moving and we can control remotely or let it do its work alone.

This clock-spy camera is capable of taking images, videos and audio in high resolution, at angles up to 140 °. Inside, an SD card with 32 gigabytes of capacity is located. You can buy it for $ 89.
Smile camera clip
Surely saw more than one person use a pin on your clothes with the form of a yellow smiley face, what comes to your mind is that someone is gay, not a spy.
Mini Spy Camera Smiley Face
The Hidden Camera DVR Smile Button Audio and Video, sticks a pin to your clothes, purse, backpack or cap and is able to get audio, video and high-resolution images from a maximum distance of 10 meters.

Thanks to its Micro SD storage card, has room for up to 16 gigabytes of photos or recordings, which is enough. Its price is $ 36.

Motion Detective Spy Camera

Electric plug with hidden camera
Nobody would think imagine a wall outlet actually contains a camera capable of operating for up to 6 days

We present the Motion Activated 720P HD Pro Grade Electrical Outlet Hidden Camera, how the name says, is activated by movement and also to feel the warmth of a person, recording HD video and still quite simple to attach and remove from any wall. Its cost is $ 295.

What do you think these spy gadgets? Have you ever occur to you place a hidden camera?

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