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Watch the mini spy camera

Mini camera built into an elegant men’s watch. With 8GB built-in memory allows recording several hours of high quality videos with sound or doing hundreds of photos. Additionally, you can use it as a stick. In his memory, you can save any files, documents that you will always have with you. No one will expect
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Wiseup 8GB Mini Spy Camera Lighter DV Camcorder with Voice Recording Function

Mini spy camera hidden in dummy lighter. Its appearance is no different from the appearance of an ordinary cigarette lighter, so you do not betray your true destiny. Its operation is very simple. The camera is supported only a single button. The device can be placed wherever where you need a discreet preview of the
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Safety conscious and passionate image, your happiness among the spy camera!

Are you passionate or image so concerned for your safety? A common point used to connect the two, they are the spy cameras. Thanks to the spy camera, it will be possible to take photographs or audio recordings and, with disconcerting and unexpected objects. To make your purchase you need to know the different variations
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What is Spy Gear?

Spy gear is a generic term for surveillance, security, and all-out spy equipment. People don’t always use so called spy gear to spy on people — other applications for things like hidden cameras include home security, some practical purpose like hunting, or just for fun. Spy gear includes just about anything a spy in the
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Spy glasses with micro camera and advanced features

Are you looking for special sun glasses? Here a model with micro camera and other integrated functions. After speaking of Wiseupshop online store in this article, which I encourage you to read, now we see a very unique and refined product available from this store. It is a pair of glasses with integrated micro spy
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3 surveillance cameras not to be missed

3 surveillance cameras not to be missed It’s almost the holidays, for those who plan to leave their home and go enjoy the beach, sun or even visit their families. It’s great stuff, but would still have to think about the house remains empty and unattended; and therefore not immune from burglars possible way. Neglect
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