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Wiseup HD Spy Camera Watch

The idea of adapting the most recent trends in technology across all parts of modern life, certainly help to the changing speed of the modern and advanced products. At the very beginning, the cameras were presented in time as singular product, but soon they were added to mobile phones, and now also in watches. In
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Beware of burglaries during the holiday season!

darker and longer nights, absence of the owners of the premises, quiet neighborhood … the conditions are right for burglars during the year-end holidays. How to prevent the risk of intrusion during the winter holidays? Christmas holidays: a time for burglaries In winter, the lights are switched on soon enough and burglars take the opportunity
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A clock camera for your home

The wall clock hidden spy camera to intelligently monitor at home. In truth, the beautiful walls always require items that are better to be in the place of their perfect decor. So do not neglect this detail not to deceive the eyes of those who will visit you. However, despite the fact of wanting at
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Make yourself hidden cameras hilarious

Over thirty muscles involved in facial expressions, but only ten of them operate in a smile. The muscles known as the “zygomatic” are those who will the ends of the mouth to the ears and act in the action of laughter. And even laugh produces effects on physical and mental health of human beings. You
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Take your music with Bluetooth speakers!

Spring will soon point the tip of his nose then how you can take your music during your walks or your afternoon in the park or at the beach with friends? This is possible thanks to Bluetooth speakers that are convenient to carry and take with you anywhere you go! There are several models of
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Wiseup Spy Camera Car Key with Voice Recording and Photo Shooting Function

Remote control with camera and invisible light USB input for video recordings in the new version with full HD quality. Has the appearance of a trivial and harmless remote control car entirely feasible in the form, (the USB input is internal and not visible), such as weight and quality aesthetic level, but in reality inside
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New remote clock / alarm clock video surveillance camera with motion detection

In this nondescript clock sits a hidden spy cameras that can film their environment unobtrusively and automatically. On each table, cabinet or shelf, the disguised camera finds space, whether home, office or business. Anyone who sees the table clock, will not notice that it is a disguised camera. With liquid 30 forming per second and
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Apple Watch is water tested

Underwater test at Apple Watch The Apple Watch is already in the hands of a large number of users, which is why we have begun to emerge the first videos with impressions and tests to be performed. The YouTube channel wiseupshop, were given the task of performing a water test to Apple Watch, which has
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How to use a spy camera

All have their own advantages and adapt more or less depending on location. Today, we have selected 3 spy cameras with different appearances and which each have their particular utility. Let’s start with this alarm clock spy camera, it can easily blend into room decor (on a bedside table for example) or even on a
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How to install a security camera system at home

The idea of drilling into the wall of your home and make holes for video cables and power for the purpose of installing a security camera system may sound somewhat daunting. However, many security systems come in all-inclusive packages that make installing a surveillance system is the easiest. Read on to see tips on how
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