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A bird was suspected as spy with portabel the hidden camera

The police of Pathankot in Punjab arrested a pigeon which flew into a village near the board of Pakistan.And suspected the pigeon is used for spying. A villager have found the pigeon and discovered there is a stamp under it’s feathers that bore Urdu scrpt and name of Pakistani district. He called the police. The
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Man Arrested with Obsece Pictures of Women by Spy Camera Shoe

At a prominent mall of South Delhi, a 34-year-old corporate lawyer was arrested for allegedly taking obscene photos of women with the spy camera shoe. The lawyer was arrested on Saturday ,because of his unusual behavior of advancing his right foot standing particular besides the women and suspected by the shopping mall’s manager. He reportedly
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720P HD Spy Camera Keychain With IR Day/Night Vision Function

We’re excited to announced our new style of spy cameras, 720P HD Spy Camera Keychain. It’s a mini hidden camera with featured function of  IR Day/Night Vision and 720P HD Video Recording, and widely used for gathering evidence for private investigator. Although the Keychain Spy Camera  is small ,but it has the high capacity of
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720P HD Wifi AC Adapter Spy Camera Support Smartphone Tablet APP Remote View

Today ,i’ll introduce our newest internet-streaming spy cameras, the 720P HD Wifi Spy Camera AC Adapter. This regular looking AC Adapter is a perfect hidden camera, because adapters are so common in our life. Place it in your living room, office , business, retail store, even a warehouse . Nobody will ever suspect that there is a
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Photo frame spy camera

Today i’ll bring our newest spy camera— photo frame spy camera to my friends. It looks like a regular frame picture, but it includes a hidden camera near the board of frame. Also there is a mini DVR and rechargeable battery inside the frame. The best spy camera photo frame has the featured function of real-time video and audio recording ,
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Mini hidden camera

Today i’m excited to introduce our new style of internet-streaming hidden camera, the 1080P HD wifi mini spy camera. This smile face Badge is a perfect  small spy camera, because face Badge re so common in our daily life. So you can place it in your living room, kitchen, office, business, retail store, even warehouse or garage
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Hidden camera hat

The battery-powered hidden camera hat is a perfect hidden camera ,you can take it to walk along the street , record the scenery or people around you,without discovered.Also you can take it to travel for keeping the colorful moment. The cheap spy camera hat has the multi- function of taking photo, recording video ,and motion detection, so you can completely decide how video
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